Elena Lenzi INTERIOR ARCHITECTURE, brand trade under NIWHA Ltd, offers 25 years of experience in multiple sectors of design that can be translated in a very flexible and dynamic ability to face any challenges, that the project itself might bring or the budget might raise.  We can assist our clients, whether commercial or residential, from product design to bespoke furniture. Elena is an Italian architect and interior designer, she brings style and beauty as well as the technical knowledge about materials and structures. Our practice is based in Manchester, UK but we support client’s projects locally and abroad. We assist clients every step of the way and help them to find the best solution to achieve their goals. Every project, regardless of budget or style, is as important as enjoyable to work on. Our clients can really experience this and feel that they are an integral part of an exciting process that will make them happy.  From the list of our services, we offer our clients will have an idea of the wide range of assistance we provide.  Our design packages are tailored to the needs and budgets of each individual clients, from a quick room “refreshes” to the entire property renovation, including bespoke furniture and accessories.


Elena Lenzi

She was born in Milan where she studied and worked for many years on a range of successful national and international projects. She is a qualified architect, yacht, interior and perception designer with a particular focus on the use of colours, materials, shapes, and ergonomics. Elena has created and executed interior design projects for retail spaces, small and large offices, high-end residential properties, hospitality developments, and trade exhibition stands as well as designing interiors of yachts for luxury shipyards. She has been a lecturer at IED (European Institute of Design) and she has been a jury member of the ADI (Association for the Industrial Design).

Sharon Kelly Sacks

Manager and designer, She acts as the bridge between the commercial and creative side of the studio. Sharon shares with Elena a meticulous eye for detail and exceptional organization skills. She plays a crucial role in strategic and technical planning to sourcing unique and extraordinary suppliers and artisans. She ensures that orders are progressing smoothly whilst maintaining a close collaboration and relationship with suppliers to ensure that all items meet project standard and deadlines. 


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